Dell Ultra Thin Slim Soundbar Price and Details

Dell launches lightest, thinnest, and most affordable magnetically mountable soundbar

Dell has launched a range of new professional monitors as well as an interesting audio product that is currently the lightest and thinnest Ultra Dell Thin Slim Soundbar in the world.

Dell Slimmest Soundbar Details

The ultra-thin soundbar is reportedly 298x18x24mm in size and weighs just 114 grams. This thickness and weight mean it can be magnetically mounted directly onto a Dell compatible monitor without having to worry about adjusting the monitor during installation.

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In terms of sound, this ultra-thin soundbar features a 3.6W rated speaker that can deliver a wide frequency response from 180Hz to 20kHz. A USB cable is enough for power and sound transmission, which is very convenient.

Dell Ultra Thin Slim Soundbar Price

Dell Ultra Thin Slim Soundbar is available at a price of $55 about 45 Euros. This thinnest soundbar is currently housed on shelves in Dell Mall around the world.