Demon's Souls Gameplay Trailer PS5

Demon’s Souls Gameplay Trailer PS5

Demon’s Souls Gameplay Trailer PS5

Demon’s Souls is one of the most important games related to the PS5 launch. Fans of souls like games are waiting for each From Software production with great anticipation. The premiere of the remake of the game that started this extremely difficult series of games is coming fast.

Demon’s Souls was announced for the first time in June this year on the occasion of the presentation of games that PlayStation fans will be able to play on the occasion of the premiere of the latest console from Sony, i.e. PS5. New gameplay from the legendary production has just been released on the official YouTube channel of the Japanese console.

Demon’s Souls Gameplay Trailer PS5

The difficulty level in games

Many gamers have complained that over the years there has been a “vindication” of games. According to them, the latest productions are getting easier. There is, of course, some truth in this, producers want their games to reach the widest possible audience, which will not affect the title after a dozen or so minutes of play. In a way, this situation could have had an impact on the huge jump in popularity of souls-like games. The players needed a challenge, and the Japanese From Software studio decided to challenge them.

Demon’s Souls – the legend of the soulsĀ 

Japanese From Software studio is known for creating extremely difficult souls-like games. These productions are characterized by a very high level of difficulty and a high entry threshold. Games like Bloodborne or Dark Souls do not give the player too many hints as to what to do in order to complete the games. Players get many opportunities to watch their heroes die because even one careless move can have this effect.

Demon’s Souls is no exception. What’s more, it is one of the first productions of a Japanese studio to popularize this distinctive game genre. The game originally debuted in 2009 on the PlayStation 3. The huge success of the next titles in this genre, so Dark Souls and Bloodborne made From Software decide to give a gift to its fans and on the occasion of the premiere of the next-generation console, i.e. PS5, they decided to refresh the game that started it all.

Demon’s Souls Playstation 5 Release Date

The new adventurous game Demon’s Souls premieres on November 12, 2020.

Is there a wave of remasters on PS5?

The spiritual heir to Demon’s Souls is the Dark Souls series. The first parts of this series also premiered on PlayStation 3. The first voices among players appear that Demon’s Souls will not be the only remake of From Software. PlayStation 4 was extremely fruitful in new productions from these series, such titles as Bloodborne, Dark Souls III, and Sekiro premiered on consoles of the current generation. So there is a chance that at least at the beginning of PS5’s “life”, From Software will release refreshed games from PlayStation 3. So we could count on the return of more legendary titles from the Japanese studio.

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