Destiny 2 Beyond Light Game Trailer

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Game Trailer

Bungie today released a new Destiny 2 Game Trailer: Beyond the Light featuring Jupiter’s ice-bound moon Europe. This is a brand new location in the game where, in the upcoming expansion, the Guardians will be able to discover the birthplace of Exzo and fight against a dark, growing empire.

Europa is a deserted, frozen moon with many secrets hidden beneath its surface. Rangers will venture out to find a lost technology from the Golden Age, hidden deep under the moon’s icy crust. Europe also has beautiful views and dangerous depths, and during their trip, the Guardians will visit places such as the Ruins of Twilight, what is left of the Clovis Bray colony, Asterion Abyss – the top of the Vex structures, Cadmosa Ridge – the last known location of the Bray Exoscience Center, or the Charon Crossing – Europe’s communication center.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Release Date

Destiny 2: Beyond Light will be released on November 10, allowing Guardians around the world to embrace the Darkness.


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