Dirt 5 First 13-minute Gameplay Trailer

Dirt 5 First 13-minute Gameplay Trailer

Watch the Dirt 5 First 13-minute Gameplay Trailer 

The premiere of Dirt 5 is fast approaching. Fans of extreme sensations and car rallies with dexterity are already rubbing their hands. Dirt 5 first 13-minute gameplay has just been released, presenting the initial fragments of the game.

In recent years, fans of racing games have nothing to complain about. Regardless of whether you are a fan of track racing, WRC-style gravel madness, driving polished cars on American highways and city streets, realistic or arcade driving model, everyone will find a game that keeps a high level.

Dirt 5 First 13-minute Gameplay Trailer 

Racing enthusiasts in paradise

Currently, racing games have gained a second youth. There are many titles on the market that differ significantly from each other. For fans of a more dexterity driving style, Need for Speed ​​and keeping the Dirt level awaits, returning after years of poor scenes. If you prefer realistic driving and screwing records of subsequent sectors by another fraction of a second, it is certainly worth taking a look at the latest installment of the F1 series.

Dirt 5 Release Date

Codemasters is famous for its racing games. Recently, Dirt has become their flagship title. The game focuses on car rallies with a slight dexterity driving model. Dirt 5 premieres is scheduled for November 6 (for PS4, XONE, PC), November 10 (Xbox), and November 12 (PS5).

Dirt 5 will offer us, above all, a pleasant, arcade gameplay (although not without realism, the gas pressure throughout the race is unlikely to pass). In the game, we will drive various, licensed off-road cars on routes from around the world. The race venues have been located in the United States, Brazil, and Morocco, among others. The gameplay in Dirt 5 will be additionally diversified by the weather system. The weather conditions can change several times during one race and can be really extreme (e.g. a sandstorm).

Gameplay introduces us to the story

Dirt 5 will offer an extensive single-player story campaign, in which we will take part in crazy races located in different parts of the world. In the gameplay published today, we can look at the first minutes of gameplay and the narrative method in the game. Moreover, the course of the singles campaign will depend on the player’s choices.

In addition to the single-player mode, fans of off-road struggles will be able to race online in a special mode for 12 people or challenge friends in a local game. Dirt 5 will offer us the legendary split-screen mode with which racing games are very well associated. For the first time in the game, we will also experience visual tuning – a car painting mode has appeared.

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