Do you think computer games are harmful to children

Do you think computer games are harmful to children?

Many people often ask a question is computer games are harmful to children? Computer games are still an extremely controversial topic. For some it is a passion, for others, it is a waste of time. Who would have thought 20 years ago that professional computer gamers would earn millions of dollars in the future? All thanks to the rapidly developing esports, especially in Asian countries and the United States. However, it is worth remembering that Poles are also at the forefront of digital online competitions.

Until recently, there was a widespread opinion that computer games are extremely harmful to children. We were told that games make children distracted, aggressive, and lazy. In fact, many people followed the false theory that games were supposed to cause ADHD or autism in children. Current research shows that games are not only not particularly harmful, but can even support children’s development.

Thanks to strategic games, their logical and analogical thinking improve, while arcade games improve their ability to make quick decisions and reflexes. Additionally, thanks to cooperative games, our kids learn to work in a team, which is extremely useful in their professional life.

However, one should remember about moderation and physical effort. Because, as the old Greek proverb says – a healthy mind in a healthy body. It is also important to maintain a proper position at the desk and to eat properly. What is your opinion? Do computer games still pose a risk to children?


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