Do you think ESports can be a Sport

Do you think ESports can be a Sport?

From year to year, Esports is becoming more and more popular but can it be considered as a sport? let’s find out the answer.

What is e-sport?

E-sport is a global phenomenon that continues to attract new viewers and players. Online gameplay gathers millions of fans hungry for emotions in front of monitors and televisions. No wonder, the quality of production and the level of players are constantly growing, and the potential seems to be unlimited.

Millions of dollars for the best players

The prizes are also encouraging for young adventurers. By becoming a professional player, for example in Fortnite, you can get a few million dollars. To do this, of course, you must win the World Cup. In fact, the prizes in tournaments such as DOTA 2, CS: GO or League of Legends are also astronomical. Especially for teenagers who are able to settle down for a lifetime thanks to the skill in online games.

Esport is hard work

The truth is, esports is an incredibly demanding discipline. The players train more than 10 hours a day multiple times. They must also follow special diets, perform physical training (in accordance with the maxim “in a healthy body, healthy mind”), and follow strict rules imposed by the organization. So it is not such an easy piece of bread as it may seem to outsiders.

It is very easy to criticize young people and accuse them of wasting time in front of the computer, it is much harder to understand how much effort it takes to become a professional gamer. However, this is not a reason to undercut the wings, because we have many talented players in Poland.

Can e-sport be called a sport?

However, can esports be called a sport? In fact, why not? Sport is about strenuous exercise, pursuing a goal, and increasing your performance to become the best in your field. Physical activity aside, all of these characteristics can be easily (and rightly) ascribed to esports.

It is worth remembering, however, that chess is considered a sport, and professional chess players do not end up flooded with sweat. While their muscles do not need to be fully functional to become the best players in the world, their brains are put under constant strain. It’s the same with esports.