Doom in Minecraft using a Windows 95 computer

Doom in Minecraft using a Windows 95 computer

Modders launched the first Doom in Minecraft using a Windows 95 computer also in the game. We expect to see more daredevils soon to provide such nostalgic excursions. You can do more in Minecraft Minecraft, the classic production from the Mojang studio has repeatedly proven that there is nothing difficult for anyone willing.

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Probably on the occasion of the production premiere, no one expected that the game would be able to reflect classic buildings on a 1: 1 scale, whole worlds from other games, books or movies, and even try to reproduce real cities as closely as possible. This is just the tip of the iceberg of possibilities. Thanks to extremely active moderators, you can do even more in Minecraft.

Doom and Windows 95 in the game

Minecraft has recently become famous again, although similar situations have happened before quite a lot – launching a different game (usually retro) in the production from Mojang. This time the situation is quite unique because Minecraft has managed not only to fully enjoy the classic Doom from 1993 but also to run the game on a virtual computer using an efficiently working Windows 95. To do this, you need a number of different mods that allow us to enjoy a virtual PC and importing real programs to it. You can find detailed instructions here.

Minecraft will never get bored

Of course, it is worth remembering that all the fun in modding Minecraft is done at your own risk – you never know if the appropriate effect will be achieved. Of course, it quickly turned out that not only Doom could run on a virtual machine. Although it is this classic item from id Software that has already been launched on refrigerators, washing machines or cars.