EA Access is coming to Steam

EA Access is coming to Steam

EA Access officially goes to the Steam platform. The information was confirmed by Electronic Arts. Electronic Arts have launched a special tab on the Steam platform that promotes the EA Access service. Thus, the rumors that began appearing on the Internet in June were confirmed.

A big plus in cross-platform combat

The presence of EA Access on Steam is a huge plus for this platform. Steam has been competing for many months with the Epic Games Store platform, which is gaining in popularity. Which encouraged players from all over the world to provide them with high-end games absolutely free. Now Steam is responding with a very interesting offer. The presence of games such as FIFA, The Sims, or even Battlefield on this platform is a big step forward.

What is EA Access

EA Access is a subscription-based service that gives the subscriber access to a rich library of games produced by Electronic Arts. So far, the system has been available on the Microsoft console, i.e. Xbox One, and hardware from Sony, i.e. PlayStation 4. Now, Steam users will also gain access to a rich database of games.

With a subscription to this service, players can play the latest titles a few days before release and gain access to a huge library of games from EA. As for the Xbox, the subscription to the service costs PLN 14.99 a month or PLN 79.99 a year. Program subscribers also gain access to a 10% discount.

EA is headed for Steam

Electronic Arts announced in June that over 25 EA games will be released on Steam. These productions will also be available in the Electronics Arts Access subscription, which will be available on Steam later this year (the company has not yet announced a specific date). At the start of the program, players will have access to the game The Sims 4 with all possible additions, games from the Battlefield series, Star Wars Battlefront 1 and 2 and many, many more.

At the start, EA has also prepared a special promotion, thanks to which everyone will be able to test the newly published games from EA for 10 hours at no additional charge. The Steam version of the service, just like on consoles, assumes a 10% discount for all Electronics Arts Access subscribers.