EA Sports UFC 4 coming soon

EA Sports UFC 4 coming soon

Some time ago we reported about a leak that could mean the upcoming premiere of the latest part of the game about combat sports EA Sports UFC 4 is coming soon. Electronic Arts did not decide to announce the game during EA Live Play 2020 in order to do it during the upcoming UFC 251 gala.

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This event was confirmed by Electronic Arts itself by publishing graphics on Twitter. The aforementioned poster was published by the UFC authorities themselves, who uploaded the graphics to their Twitter account. Then, the entry continued to provide an EA Sports account. The UFC 251 gala is to take place on July 12, so there is not much time left to the official announcement and short presentation of the next part of the game about mixed martial arts. The official date presented is obviously just the beginning of the road to the premiere of the game. It will be a while before we can catch the rains and start the fight.

Who will replace McGregor?

The previous edition of this series appeared almost 2 years ago. On the cover of EA Sports UFC 3, we could see Conor McGregor. In the next version, we are not yet able to determine whose face will promote the game, but everything indicates that this role will be taken over by Amanda Nunes or Daniel Cormier. Players are also certainly waiting for confirmation that the latest version of mixed martial arts will also hit the new generation consoles – Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.