Epic Games Store offers three games next week

Epic Games Store offers three games for free 

After accumulating mishaps, the Epic Games Store team recently decided to regain the players’ trust as they offers three more games for free that will be available for download in the coming week. Did will select games to wash away the distaste of recent failed announcements and wrong decisions?

EGS spoiled the mood of players twice in a short period of time. First removing The Escapist 2 from free games and the day before yesterday, when Conan Exiles was withdrawn at the last minute.

Three free games for permission

The Epic Games Store team announced that there will be three games on their platform next week for free to download. Recently promised and canceled The Escapist 2, Killing Floor 2, and Lifeless Planet. Each title promises to be quite interesting and certainly will interest many players, so the bitterness of the profession, which recently caused the Epic Games Store can be sweetened.

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Something for everyone

The Escapist 2, as the name implies, is a continuation of the extremely popular indie game released by Team17 and Moldy Toof Studio, which deals with escaping from prison. Killing Floor 2 is a cooperative FPS in which players fight against Zed hordes (Zombies) and bosses. The game provides joint play for up to 12 players. Killing Floor is the work of Tripwire Interactive. Most promising, however, promises to be the last title, which will be added for free, and therefore released by Stage 2 Studios, Lifeless Planet. This is an unusual story about a cosmonaut that comes across an old Soviet city, and then it only gets weirder. All titles will hit the EGS platform on July 9.