Best Essential Oils for Migraine and Headache

10 Best Essential Oils for Migraine in 2022

Best Essential Oils for Migraine

Migraine is one of the worst sensations that a human being can feel as it attacks him in different ways and in all of them the main damage is in his head causing even whole days without being able to take a nap. But everything has a solution and for that, we can talk about essential oils for migraine.

These oils are a very good alternative to drugs since they are natural and with a higher concentration than any type of medication. Within all these, we have those made of leaves, flowers, and even essences that just by feeling their aroma we can already talk about improvement.

Here in this article, we are going to give a review about The 10 Best Essential Oils for Migraine and that they will make the difference between a totally pleasant day and one where nothing positive comes out of these migraine pains. You can choose one or several, but without a doubt, they will all serve to alleviate.


10 Best Essential Oils for Migraine and Headache in 2022


1. Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint essential oil is one of the best proofs that drugs have nothing to do with this powerful, but relaxing extract that comes to help a lot for people who suffer from migraines. The powers of peppermint essential oil are many, but it especially helps migraine due to its high content of menthol and relaxants.

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This addition allows, on the one hand, the mind to think clearly and the pain to disappear little by little due to the relaxing properties that last for a long time in the person who is using it.

Not only does it help with the headache problem, but it can also help with memory loss that is often associated with these severe migraine episodes. It allows through its menthol the power to eliminate nerves and also helps with anxiety. In short, we are talking about one of the most remarkable essential oils against migraines and that has effects that are perceived in just seconds.

2. Lavender Essential Oil

When the topic of lavender essential oil is discussed, it is immediately talked about the complete elimination of migraines since its effect is so fast that it is not noticeable until it disappears completely.

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It has an excellent application to eliminate stress and also angry thoughts that are also associated with migraine, that is, it can relax the person when the migraine is at its worst. But it is important to note that it controls these headaches since lavender alone has both aromas and flower components that allow proper blood circulation in the brain.

At the same time, this lavender essential oil can be used when applied to the head and later serves as a perfect ointment for the forehead area when applied. The result is that in a matter of minutes you will have a powerful but relaxing effect that can keep you for days without even knowing about a simple pain in your head.

3. Rosemary Essential Oil

Migraine has its days numbered with rosemary essential oil, which has properties that are quite similar to mint, but with the improvement that it includes some other internal benefits that we will let you know about.

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Unlike some other essential oils, this rosemary oil is responsible for offering anti-inflammatory properties, which means that the migraine will quickly subside from within and then make you feel comfortable. This happens in record time and that is why it is recommended to use it frequently in patients with this pathology.

Its application can come from just applying it or consuming it orally if it is indicated for this purpose. Its effect is also so good since it relaxes the muscles so that brain work is constant, but these terrible pictures of headaches do not occur. In this sense, it is valuable to know that it can be consumed frequently without major inconveniences.

4. Eucalyptus Essential Oil

The benefits of using eucalyptus essential oil come from its properties that purify the nervous system, hence migraine is not a problem for those who use this natural and strong product.

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The main characteristic of essential oil such as that of eucalyptus is that it serves as a decongestant on a large scale, achieving that of course the area of ​​​​the head and inwards, especially in the brain, when it begins to swell, calms down in minutes until the migraine begins to disappear, this process also includes the opening of the airways and boy does it work.

This type of oil is strongly recommended for topical use because it is not suitable for use on the skin as it can cause circulation problems. But on the other hand, the essential oil of eucalyptus has aromatic properties that refresh and make the person feel comfortable during this process of decongesting the head. That means that calm comes in a few minutes.

5. Chamomile Essential Oil

Chamomile essential oil has many medicinal uses and one of the most famous is that of being able to eliminate migraines, it is completely natural and is obtained from the flowers of a plant that is famous throughout the world. It will manage to eliminate infections and save your head from fearsome pain.

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The best and most remarkable thing about migraine is that this essential oil offers the opportunity to serve in aromatherapy to better sleep through its relaxing effects and that calm the muscles to enter into complete peace. In addition, thanks to the fact that it has such effects, a person with migraine will no longer have insomnia problems.

Substantially calms headaches due to the intense relaxation it offers and that can also be used using cotton wool that has been soaked with this essential oil and placed on the forehead as a cure against migraine. Especially at night is when it provides the best effects to people.

6. Peppermint Essential Oil

Another of the most popular oils that are not called an essential oil for anything is peppermint and which has a series of attributes that make it quite similar to mint oil. It has all the ingredients plus a relaxation superior to the first.

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Peppermint essential oil first helps to penetrate the respiratory tract so that a person with migraine can feel relief in this way and not cover up when they need to breathe. For this, what a person must have is to place the peppermint oil very close to the nose and that effect of recovery of the respiratory tract will be noticed in seconds.

Another approach gained by applying peppermint essential oil directly to your head is to naturally bring relief and also feel good enough to be able to relax quickly. Thirdly, it deflates from the root of the problem, however, this is allowed to take a little longer, but when it does you will simply feel perfect improvement.

7. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

The evidence that Ylang Ylang essential oil helps migraine is many because from the first moment it intervenes not only in the head but in the rest of the body in a state of constant relaxation, this extract has all the benefits of the flowers and of course a series of attributes such as the best and most remarkable sensation of relief it is one of the fastest to activate.

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Much of this comes from its refreshing effect, which not for nothing makes the person breathe more clearly and then has the luxury of giving even the skin its good effects of vitamin A and E. It is all-in-one that will make you feel in the clouds.

The effect of ylang ylang essential oil is also reflected in the fact that, for example, it fights inflammation nights, which are where a person with a migraine tends to experience more pain.

8. Geranium Essential Oil

The help that geranium provides for migraines is powerful because it will be enough to apply a few drops of its essential oil on the head for the results to be noticed. The issue revolves around the fact that it penetrates very quickly into the head and attacks the pain, first giving the person a very slight sensation of chill, and later feeling ready with the comfort of a temperature adapted to the brain.

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Its ingredients have some menthol and powerful geranium so that it acts quickly, but without losing track of time. It is also enough to put a couple of drops of geranium essential oil on the temples to feel immediate relief. Its active ingredients allow a progressive recovery and this is how the person in less than a few hours already feels perfectly well and in the mood to do their activities.

9. Frankincense Essential Oil

The power of frankincense is ancient because it was one of the first essential oils to be used to treat migraine, from the Middle East was placed in the orbit of Europe and then in America, that is, its success is already more than tried.

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Frankincense essential oil is somewhat warm and care must be taken not to apply it more than it should, so less than five drops directly will be more than enough if you do not think about combining it with other types of substances.

It is worth mentioning that this oil has a fairly fast effect and it is used as aromatherapy to feel as good in the head as in the respiratory tract and the senses. This oil will give you an excellent way to deal with a migraine because its aroma is so intense that it relaxes you without much effort. If the essential oil of incense has also stood out for something, it is also for penetrating the skin without damaging it due to the active ingredients that protect it.

10. Ginger Essential Oil

The ginger component is the best that a migraine sufferer should use in an essential oil format because it has the best possible characteristics of some of the components like peppermint or frankincense.

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It stands out as ginger penetrates gently, but keeps the mind clear, making the person not clouded by pain and lose composure. That is, due to its effects as a fruit, ginger can even be used in tea and by itself so that the headaches caused by migraines go away in one night. If you want to obtain its properties more quickly, we recommend that you drink it every night and then rest to stay asleep with the effect of ginger.

We cannot go without highlighting that ginger, for example, absorbs discomfort since it significantly reduces inflammation in the muscles near the brain so that you do not feel a feeling of emptiness.

Final Considerations

The horrible feeling of having a migraine is one of those moments that no one wants to live. The 10 Best Essential Oils for Migraine provide all the warmth and softness possible for the head, they are decisive when it comes to achieving the best effectiveness in Little time.

Here they range from ginger, mint, and even geranium, all of them with notable differences but from every point of view they collaborate equally to eradicate pain with their properties such as deflating, refreshing, or cleaning the mind. If you have a migraine, do not hesitate to use them, it will be your salvation.


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