Every third South Korean COVID-19 Patient Improvement With Remdesivir

Every third South Korean COVID-19 Patient Improvement With Remdesivir

SEOUL (Reuters) – Every third South Korean patient who became seriously ill with COVID-19 showed an improvement in his condition after he was given the anti-virus Remdesivir Gilead Sciences Inc.

More research is needed to determine whether a drug or other factor can be improved, such as the immunity of patients and other therapies.

Remdeyvir became the forefront in the global battle against COVID-19 after intravenous medication entered helped to Shorten hospital recovery time in clinical trials in the US.

Several countries, including South Korea, have added a drug to the list of treatments for disease caused by new coronas. There is no approved vaccine for this.

In his most recent update on the drug, Gilad said that on Friday the analysis showed that remdevir helped reduce the risk of death in severely ill patients with COVID-19, but warned that a rigorous clinical trial was required to confirm benefits.

Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported on Saturday the results of the first group of 27 patients treated with remedesvir in various hospitals.

Nine patients have shown an improvement in their condition, 15 have not changed, and three have deteriorated,-said at the briefing the deputy director of KCDC Kwn Jun-wuk.

Kout said the result was not yet comparable to that of the control group, and the analysis would require more analysis to analyze the conclusion of the benefit of remedzivir.

In June, South Korea asked Gilead to put enough of their medication to treat over 5000 patients COVID-19, preparing for a possible second wave of infections.

South Korea has waged a struggle with the small but permanent outbreaks of the new coronavirus. As of Sunday, 62 new cases were reported, resulting in a total of 13 479 cases with death in 289 people.