Facebook Accused of Spying on Instagram Users by Accessing their Cameras

Facebook Accused of Spying on Instagram Users by Accessing their Cameras

Instagram has been sued again as Facebook Accused of Spying on Instagram Users. The social network Facebook is accused of using the camera of your smartphone without your knowledge. Thanks to a new feature present on iOS 14, users were able to discover that the camera was working in the background when opening Instagram.

Bad luck for Facebook at the moment. After being the victim of a major leak concerning the Oculus Quest 2, the Californian company finds itself once again on the dock. Indeed, the parent company is suspected of spying on Instagram users via the camera on our smartphones.

And you see, we owe this accusation to Apple indirectly. iOS 14, the new iPhone operating system, has recently been released in its final stable version. The OS obviously has its share of new features, including one that allows you to know if the microphone and the camera are used in the background by an application.

Green for the camera, orange for the microphone

This is materialized by a simple colored circle affixed near the battery percentage on the screen. An orange dot for the microphone, a green dot for the camera. You now understand where we are coming from. Many users had the unpleasant surprise to see a green circle displayed when launching Instagram on their smartphone.

In other words, this, therefore, means that the camera is running in the background, as soon as you launch Instagram. Faced with the proliferation of reports, the San Francisco court decided to use Instagram and Facebook: “ Instagram constantly accesses the camera function of users’ smartphones while the application is open and monitors users without authorization”, indicates the court.

The complaint continues: “ Facebook and Instagram have been able to monitor users’ most intimate moments, including those in the privacy of their own homes, in addition to collecting valuable information and market research on its users. ”, Concludes the institution.

An Android app offers the same functionality

For now, Facebook has not made an official statement about this new trial. In June 2020 and shortly after the first testimonials from users thanks to the notification of iOS 14, the company declared that it was a bug in Apple’s OS and guaranteed that Facebook “ does not have access to your camera and no content is recorded ”.

As a reminder, a feature similar to that offered by iOS 14 exists on Android. This is an application called Access Dots. Available on the Play Store, it informs you when an app accesses your microphone or camera. Here too, the notifications take the form of a colored dot. You can download it for free, in case you want to check for yourself whether Instagram is spying on you or not.


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