Facebook AR Glasses Aria

Facebook AR Glasses Aria Along with Ray-Ban

The first pair of smart glasses Facebook will be released next year under the Ray-Ban brand said CEO Mark Zuckerberg during his speech on Facebook Connect. It is unclear what features the device will receive, but Facebook has confirmed to The Verge that it will not be classified as an AR augmented reality device and will not receive a built-in display.

Starting this month, the company will distribute Project Aria glasses to its employees and contractors to collect data on eye movement, location, video, and audio recording. The devices will be worn on campus and in public places. The above data is needed by Facebook to develop these “smart” glasses. Note that during video recording, faces and car numbers will be blurred.

For many years, the company talked about its plans to create AR devices that would resemble a regular pair of glasses. Now Facebook has announced a partnership with Luxottica, a manufacturer of glasses under the Ray-Ban brand.

Facebook AR Glasses Aria Price 

What will eventually be called AR-glasses from Facebook, how they will look, or how much they can cost, is unknown.


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