Facebook Messenger Announced New App Lock Feature

Facebook Messenger Announced New App Lock Feature

Facebook Messenger plans to increase privacy through the newly released app lock feature and new privacy settings for the Messenger app. The company announced the new privacy features of Facebook Messenger. Now, the privacy of personal information will be increased with application lock and new privacy settings.

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You will be able to increase the security of your Messenger with Application Lock, which is one of the new features. This feature makes it more difficult for other people to access your messages. The app lock feature prevents anyone who borrowed your phone for a short time from seeing your messages.

This feature uses fingerprint or facial recognition technologies available on phones, and access to the Messenger app is only possible with one of these security options. In other words, you can determine one of the security measures, such as face recognition and fingerprint, as a valid method.

New security features currently only available on Apple devices will soon become compatible across Android devices. Facebook also said that the most voiced request by users is the desire to have more control over inboxes and calls.

In line with these requests, he explained that they are working on features that allow customization of subjects such as direct access, file sending, and searching. Facebook also stated that the image frost-like features available on WhatsApp and Instagram would also be used for Messenger.