Facebook not to transfer user data to the US anymore

Facebook not to transfer user data to the US anymore

A new law requires companies like Facebook not to transfer user data to the US anymore. So far, this has been made possible by a separate agreement, referred to only as of the “data protection shield”, which was repealed by the Union in the summer. In addition to the transmission of data, the storage of data has been banned, of course, only if it is on European servers.

In the summer, the European Union repealed an agreement called the “Privacy Shield,” which will make life more difficult for several tech companies. Yvonne Cunnane, Facebook’s director of privacy, also spoke about the case and made a pretty interesting statement.

Facebook and Instagram can leave Europe

Facebook also received a call to stop data transfers to the US, to which the company’s privacy director, Yvonne Cunnane, replied that this was virtually impossible to accomplish. He also said that if they were forced to comply with the new legislation, they would no longer be able to operate their services in Europe. This, of course, affects not only Facebook but also Instagram and WhatsApp.

Interestingly, other companies do not yet consider it impracticable to comply with the law and create a European server park. With Facebook having roughly 410 million active users on the continent and a quarter of its annual revenue coming from here, the exit is just the last resort, which is guaranteed not to happen. Facebook, of course, wants the Union to reverse this decision, which obviously won’t happen in the first place.


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