Farewell to the White Wolf End of Witcher

Farewell to the White Wolf End of Witcher

The adventures of Geralt of Riwia will no longer be continued. CD Projekt officially announced this and if more games from the Witcher universe are created in the future, the White Wolf will no longer be their hero. The modding scene also says goodbye to The Witcher. Farewell to the White Wolf is the last mod that will present the ending of Geralt’s story. The mod is created on the engine of the second part of the saga, and the production premiere was announced in autumn 2020.


The witcher awakened the fantasy of the players

The Witcher Saga is the title that made the Polish studio CD Projekt set out on the broad waters of the computer games industry. At the moment, “REDzi” is one of the most important places where extensive AAA games are created.

The three parts of The Witcher gradually gained more and more respect among players, and the last part became one of the most important role-playing games of recent years. Thanks to the huge success of the game, books written by Andrzej Sapkowski gained popularity, and Netflix produced a high-budget series based on the adventures of the Butcher from Blaviken. Now is the time to end Geralt’s adventures.

CD Projekt says goodbye to The Witcher, and so do modders

After years of hard work, the creators finally revealed the release date of The Witcher: Farewell to the White Wolf. The fan community that has gathered around the productions telling the story of the Butcher of Blaviken will have to prepare for the imminent end of their adventure with their favorite monster hunter.

Due to the fact that the second part of the game from CD Projekt allowed creating mods, a group of developers created an add-on that ultimately ends Geralt’s story. The premiere of Farewell to the White Wolf is coming soon.

The witcher will get a happy end?

The action of Farewell to the White Wolf will take place during the wedding of Geralt and Yennefer. In addition, there will also be other most important characters from the Witcher universe.

According to the mod’s creators, the game will also feature a lot of new features and variations. The things that the creators gave up on record new dialogue paths. This is due to the simple fact that such a procedure would significantly increase the cost of producing the additive.

The Farewell to the White Wolf can be played on personal computers (no PlayStation and Xbox versions available), the expansion will be available on October 26 for free. On the occasion of the announcement of the premiere of the latest addition to The Witcher, a large trailer has been released, which you can watch below.


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