Fastest Runners in International Cricket

Fastest runners in international cricket

Top 10 Fastest Runners in International Cricket

In cricket speed is always important when catching the ball and throwing the ball fast, speed is always of utmost importance and you have to be very fast while running. If you take 2 runs by speed instead of one run it is an extra profit. So let’s look at the top 10 best fastest runners batsmen in the world of international cricket.



1) MS Dhoni – India

MS Dhoni, the inspiring captain of India, is one of the fastest cricketers running between the wickets. Clearly, his experience in the military has paid well, but he is also thought to possess a natural talent. Many who are familiar with the sport claim that MSD does not spend much time in the gym, thus his speed is rather astonishing. While his side is batting, wicketkeeper Dhoni can naturally conserve energy behind the stumps.


2) AB De Villiers – South Africa

AB De Villiers, who occupies the second spot on this list, also spent a large portion of his career as a wicketkeeper. With his innovations, he is a thoroughly contemporary batsman, and he has smashed several records for the quickest scores in all forms of cricket. Clearly, a portion of his success may be attributed to the pace and acceleration he acquires between the wickets.


3) Jonty Rohdes – South Africa

Jonty Rhodes was a lightning-fast fielder, and he also possessed tremendous speed between the wickets. Similar to his compatriot AB De Villiers, Rhodes was an inventive batsman who was among the first to employ some of the expansive strokes that have become standard in modern cricket. It is hardly an exaggeration to suggest that Rhodes’ speed was comparable to that of a world-class sprinter, and he was one of the players who changed the way batters approached their innings.


4) Martin Guptill – New Zealand

Martin Guptill is rarely mentioned when quick runners between the wickets are discussed, although his pace over 22 yards occasionally shocks the fielders. He is another player who is no longer extremely young, but his agility has not yet been affected by his age.


5) Virat Kohli – India

He is the captain of the Indian team and can focus on physical fitness. Since he became the captain he has enforced strict rules that all Indian players must be of his fitness level. He is also one of the most prolific players in international cricket.


6) Kane Williamson – New Zealand 

He is currently the captain of the New Zealand team and is one of the top 5 batsmen in the world. He prefers to take a run faster than hitting fours. It is worth noting that even at that level comes fast running.


8) Ravindra Jadeja – India

Ravindra Jadeja of India is mostly recognized as a left-arm spinner who contributes valuable runs with the bat. When you consider that he has hit a century in a test and triple hundreds in the Ranji Trophy, this is a bit unjust. Jadeja is one of the most nimble players on the Indian national team, making use of his lightning-fast agility between the wickets to maximize his run production.

No need to say much about him. He has not been a big part of the team in the last 2019 World Cup series. But he was dropped from the field as a substitute for two matches. He pitched brilliantly in those two matches and controlled his pace with 45 runs only through fielding.


9) David Warner – Australia 

He is the opening batsman of the Australian team and a left-handed batsman. He is also active in Test matches and prefers to run for runs rather than hitting fours there.


10) Steven Smith – Australia 

Steve Smith is the best batsman on the Australian national cricket team at the present time. The Aussie began his cricketing career as a leg-spinner before steadily ascending through the ranks and becoming one of the world’s best batsmen.

In addition, it is important to note that he is one of the best four hitters of the contemporary age. In addition, he has maintained his fitness level by exercising his legs, and as running is an essential component of batting, it also constitutes a significant portion of his fitness training.



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