FIFA 21 First Trailer

FIFA 21 First Trailer  

Tonight, an event took place that certainly caught the interest of many football fans. EA Play Live is an annual conference organized by Electronic Arts, during which we receive the first trailer of the most popular football simulator FIFA 21. Despite the extremely heated atmosphere, EA Sports let the players down.

We were all waiting impatiently for this event, because in addition to FIFA 21, EA was to show announcements of other games – Madden NFL 21, UFC 4, or Need For Speed. This is one of the strangest trailers that EA Sports has ever made available.

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In the announcement, we learn practically nothing – it does not present excerpts from the game or changes to be introduced in this year’s edition. What’s more, the trailer is connected to Madden NFL 21, so for half its duration, we are not sure which game we are talking about at the moment. We’ll have to wait a little longer for the real trailer.


FIFA 2021 Release date

It can be safely said that the only interesting information about FIFA that appeared at yesterday’s EA Play Live event is the release date of the production. The most popular football video simulator will not reach us until October 9, which is much later than usual. This is undoubtedly due to the coronavirus epidemic. The production will, of course, go to the new generation consoles, but owners of older versions will also not be disappointed. As every year, the game will be available in three variants – standard, championship, and ultimate.