Firefox Daylight unveils its new features for Android users

Firefox Daylight unveils its new features for Android users

Firefox Daylight unveils its new features for users of the mobile browser for Android has just been released in Europe before landing in North America tomorrow. Enhanced protection against tracking by default. The app will block many ad trackers. Basically, blocking mode is standard but a more strict or customizable mode can be activated.


Private browsing available on the app’s home page. A shortcut can also be created on your home screen to directly access this mode. Redesigned interface for easier and more intuitive navigation. Ability to move the URL bar to the bottom or top of the screen.


They allow you to better organize your different tabs and searches as well as sharing between your different mobile devices or not. Unfortunately, the most frequently visited sites which were previously displayed at startup in the previous version are not “taken”: they will have to be entered manually.

Dark Mode:

Switching between light and dark modes is simplified to allow users to navigate as they see fit. It can also activate automatically according to your Android settings and the given time at which you want to switch to dark mode automatically. Firefox has listened to the feedback from its users and is trying to offer the experience that is closest to the wishes of mobile users.

Note, however, that Firefox for Android only represents 1% of the mobile browser market, far, far behind Chrome on Android and Safari on iOS. And that’s a shame because it is one of the few to respect the privacy of its users.


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