Fitbit Ace 3 Bracelet Price and Release Date

Fitbit Ace 3 Bracelet Features, Price and Release Date

Fitbit Ace 3, The New Activity and Sleep Monitoring Bracelet for Children

Fitbit Ace 3 is now official: the new generation of the activity and sleep tracker that makes staying active and learning healthy habits with the whole family fun and easy for children over 6 years old. The price and release date of the Fitbit Ace 3 bracelet for children is known.

We review its main characteristics. And it is that by expanding the functions that children like the most in the range of activity bracelets of this type, Ace 3 introduces more animated clock formats and new accessories to motivate them to stay active and show their personal style.

With distance classes and the lack of extracurricular sports, children spend more time than ever on the couch or in front of screens. In fact, due to recurring lockdowns, it is not surprising that children’s activity has decreased during the Coronavirus pandemic. Lack of physical activity has become a problem for the whole family, whether due to homeschooling, games, team sports activities, or traveling in general. This can lead to long-term health problems.


Helps to Focus your Child on Physical Activities 

The WHO recommends that children get at least 60 minutes of moderate physical activity a day, but less than a quarter of 11-year-olds across Europe met this minimum standard according to the aforementioned study. Data from Spain showed that only 9% of girls over 15 years of age practiced some physical activity for at least one hour a day, while that percentage increased to 23% in girls between 11 and 15 years old.

In the case of boys, although they practice more sport than girls, only 24% of those between 11 and 15 years old practiced sport for at least one hour a day, compared to 44% of boys between 11 and 15 years old. 15 years. Girls are less physically active than boys at both ages, as in the rest of Europe.

Thus, Ace 3 helps children develop healthy habits by encouraging them to be active and get all the sleep their growing bodies need. In fact, the device motivates them to move and reach the recommended 60 minutes of daily activity with reminders to take at least 250 steps every hour, adaptable to school hours.

Plus, kids can easily set custom goals and monitor their activity on the device, check their stats on the bright, easy-to-use touchscreen, set timers, and compete against the timer in a fun way. Fitbit Ace 3 also includes sleep analysis tools, bedtime reminders, and silent alarms that help parents and children work together to establish a regular sleep schedule that allows little ones to rest and regain energy to face a new one. activity day adopting healthy habits.

Guaranteed Privacy

As children focus on the activity, parents can rest assured that their children’s privacy is protected. To do this, the parents themselves must open a Family Account and access the privacy and protection controls, which the authorities strongly recommend for children under 12 years of age, and is a requirement to use Ace 3.

Through the Fitbit family account, parents can access the app’s Parental View, where they can easily view their child’s activity, manage what they can see in the app, and approve their friend requests.

In turn, children can experience Ace 3 in the application through the Children’s View, an option that promotes the development of healthy habits by showing them the most important data, such as activity and sleep statistics, as well as friends approved by their parents, clock faces, avatars, and badges.

The Ace 3 experience is designed to comply with established child privacy standards, including the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).



Through an easy setup process using a Fitbit family account, families can pair Ace 3 with their Android and iOS devices so their kids can get moving right away. Children with their own smartphones will be able to receive call notifications on their wrist to always be connected with their parents, family, and friends.



Once set up and fully charged, Ace 3 allows kids to spend less time charging and more time on the go as its battery lasts over a week With up to 8 days of battery life in a waterproof design, Ace 3’s battery lasts over a week without the need to charge the device.


Fitbit Ace 3 Bracelet Price and Availability 

Fitbit Ace 3 bracelet is available on the Fitbit website for €79.95 and will be available in regular stores from March 15. Fitbit Ace 3 children bracelet price in the USA is about $99 USD.  It comes with a classic, comfortable and safe silicone strap: in Black with a Sports Red buckle, or in Cosmic Blue with an Astral Green buckle.

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