Football Manager 2021 Release Date

The football Manager 2021 Release Date: Game will also appear on Microsoft consoles

Sports Interactive and SEGA have announced Football Manager 2021 – the next installment of the most famous and complete football manager. This year’s edition will include some changes, and most of all, it will be released on new platforms. In addition to the release of the game for PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android, this year it’s time for versions for Microsoft consoles.

Football Manager 2021 Release Date

Football Manager 2021 Xbox Edition will appear on Xbox One and Xbox Series X in December with cross-save support between consoles.

Football Manager 2021 and Football Manager 2021 Touch will debut on PC on November 24, and the Touch version on Switch in December.

Details on the iOS and Android versions of Football Manager 2021 Touch and Football Manager 2021 Mobile will be announced in the coming months.

You can pre-order Football Manager 2021 on Steam and the Epic Games Store. The Touch version is also available on both Steam and Epic Games Store. If you pre-purchase the game, you’ll get Early Access which should be available approximately two weeks before November 24.

Football Manager 2021 trailer


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