Home Games Fortnite is at war with Apple and Google app stores

Fortnite is at war with Apple and Google app stores

Fortnite is at war with Apple and Google app stores

Fortnite is at war with Apple and Google app stores

For the past few hours, it has been a war between Epic Game Fortnite with Apple & Google stores as they are accused of tyrannical tax on their app stores.

The internet ignited last night when Epic Games, the publisher of the massively popular Fortnite game, released a short video to all of its social networks. This parody video of the legendary 1984 Apple advertisement uses the exact same codes but in the colors of the game and ends with the following message: “ Epic Games defied the Apple monopoly. In return, Apple is blocking Fortnite on a billion devices. Join the fight to make sure 2020 doesn’t turn into 1984. #FreeFortnite ”.

But why did we come to this and what happened?

Epic Games recently offered the purchase of V-bucks (in-game virtual currency) at 20% lower rates for Apple App Store customers who paid directly with Epic Games’ payment system instead of that. from Apple. This act was deemed illegal by Apple, which altogether removed the game from its application platform.

” Today, Epic Games made the unfortunate decision to break the App Store rules, which apply to all developers and are designed to keep the store secure for our users, ” Apple told the AFP. ” As a result, Fortnite has been removed from the store “

Epic Games did the same on the Google Play Store and the result was the same: withdrawal of the game from the American giant’s platform. But unlike Apple where it is impossible to install the app now, with the Android system and the game’s APK, you can easily reinstall it as explained in many tutorials. Note also that if you have already downloaded Fortnite at least once on an Apple device, you can however download it again via your purchase history (as explained in the link just above) but you will not have any updates.

Epic Games has therefore filed a complaint and is asking the court to force Apple to change its rules for all application developers, calling the 30% commission a “ tyrannical tax ” Apple imposes unreasonable and illegal restrictions. The company has become what it once cursed against the monster that wants to control the markets, block competition and stifle innovation ”.

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