Fortnite won't be able to return to iOS until August 2021

Fortnite won’t be able to return to iOS until August 2021

Epic Games would not be eligible to re-enroll in Apple’s Developer Program for at least a year. Fortnite won’t be able to return to iOS until August 2021. If you’ve been following the Android and iOS news lately, you probably know that Apple and Epic Games, the developers of Fortnite, are at war right now. How did the hostilities start? Epic has decided to offer players another alternative to purchasing V-Bucks, the in-game virtual currency.

With a 20% discount on their order, users could therefore acquire V-Bucks directly through Epic’s payment system, and not through the App Store. A maneuver that has no more at all, but not at all at Apple. As a result, the apple brand banned the American publisher from the app store for violating its policy.

Faced with Apple’s actions, Epic lodged a complaint, determined to obtain redress and to force Apple to change its behavior and in particular to abolish the Apple tax of 30% applied to all developers present on the App Store. A tax considered by many American politicians to be worthy of “ highwaymen”.

Pending a possible trial, Apple has deleted Epic Games’ developer account until further notice. This means that the studio can no longer offer applications on the App Store. Epic has however kept its secondary developer account, dedicated to its Unreal Engine. The American company can therefore continue to update its engine and make it available to developers on the App Store.

Fortnite banned until at least August 2021

And on Monday, September 14, 2020, we learn that the ban of Fortnite on the App Store could last at least one year. Indeed, analyst Daniel Ahmad has gone through the various legal documents related to the case. A paragraph thus mentions that Apple “ will refuse any new registration in the Apple Developer Program for a period of at least one year”.

Unsurprisingly, Epic Games rebelled against this additional sanction and asked the American justice to review the conditions of this ban, considered too severe. Only, if justice does not rule on this specific point, that would mean that Epic Games could not offer Fortnite again on the App Store before August 2021. See even later, if Apple decides to extend the duration of sanctions.

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