Fossil Gen 5E Price and Features

Fossil Gen 5E smartwatch combines style and technology

Fossil presents the Gen 5E, an affordable smartwatch with all the essential Gen 5 features and updates you know and love.

FOSSIL GEN 5E Smart Watches for Women and Men 

Other main features include the watch’s seamless connection to any smartphone. Android and iPhone users can answer calls, use Google Assistant, and receive alerts. It also comes with multi-day battery modes and a custom mode, just like Gen 5 smartwatches.

Of course, all the necessary tracking functions are part of the functionality of the smartwatch, such as heart rate and activity tracking.

Fossil Gen 5E Price 

The new smartwatch is available in several sizes. You can choose between the classic 44mm model or a smaller 42mm model.

Currently, there are four new models of smartwatches for women and three new models of smartwatches for men. All Fossil Gen 5E smartwatches will retail for the price of US $249.