free ball rule for bowlers

Ashwin proposed to introduce a free ball rule for the bowlers

In cricket, if the bowlers do not bowl, the batsmen are given free hits. Along with this rule, Indian bowler Ravichandran Ashwin has proposed to introduce a free ball rule for bowlers this time. He thinks a free ball should be given if a non-strike batsman leaves the mark before bowling.

In a free hit, the batsman cannot be out in any way except run out. Using the extra ball, the batsman easily gets a chance to hit a six. Ashwin’s suggestion is that if the free-ball batsman is out, five runs should be cut for that team!

Kings XI Punjab’s Ashwin dismissed Rajasthan Royals’ Jos Butler in the last edition of the IPL. Ashwin’s dismissal was discussed and criticized all over the cricket world. However, Ashwin has always been adamant about his decision.

According to him, if the non-striking edge batsman goes out before throwing the ball, their chances of getting extra runs to increase. Many survived the runout by the amount of yarn.

This time, Ashwin, who is playing in the IPL for Delhi Capitals, has started a new discussion on Twitter. He tweeted that the non-striking batsmen should leave the crease and give the bowlers a ‘free ball’ before throwing the ball.

The off-spinner also explained how that ‘free ball’ could be, ‘For bowlers, however, free ball rules should be made. If a batsman is out with that ball, then the batting team should cut 5 runs. Just as batsmen get benefits in free hits, bowlers should also be given the equal opportunity by introducing free balls.


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