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Free multiplayer on Xbox consoles

Free multiplayer on Xbox consoles

Free multiplayer on Xbox consoles

Recently, Microsoft has announced the removal of the option to buy the annual Xbox Live Gold subscription. Soon rumors appeared that the multiplayer on Xbox consoles would be free. The information comes from the industry-known insider Klobrille, who shared his suspicions on the ResetEra forum.


Big changes on Xbox?

The mysterious decision to withdraw the annual subscription to the Xbox Live Gold online service has spawned a lot of speculation about the future financial policy of PlayStation’s biggest competitor. Among them, there is a quite probable theory that Microsoft is trying to cancel the Xbox Live Gold service completely, and thus additional fees for the game in multiplayer mode.

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Huge losses as a chance for great profit?

Such a solution to the problem of a paid subscription for online gameplay seems quite controversial, but it does not have to be completely impossible. Lifting the fees that have existed on Xbox since the first generation of these consoles would bring significant losses, but it would give Microsoft a huge bargaining chip in the fight for new customers. After all, many people, having a choice of paid multiplayer on Sony consoles and free service on Xbox, will choose the latter option without hesitation.


Clarifications coming soon

For now, these are, of course, wishes, but we may have a chance to get some new information on this subject during tomorrow’s Xbox Games Showcase, an event that will mainly concern the upcoming next-generation console from Microsoft, i.e. the Xbox X Series. at 6 p.m. Polish time, you can watch it on the official Xbox YouTube channel, among others.

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