Home News G Suite renamed as Google Workspace

G Suite renamed as Google Workspace

G Suite renamed as Google Workspace

Google has renamed G Suite to Google Workspace

Google is rebranding its tools to improve its performance. In particular, G Suite was renamed Google Workspace.

Javier Salter, vice president of Google, said the new name reflected the fact that “work no longer takes place in the physical space called the office.” In addition, the new logos also received Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Meet, and Google Sheets.

The developers have also improved the tools for working together. You can now create a new document in a group chat without having to open a new tab. You can also preview a document in the same window without opening another application or window. Having marked one of the participants, now his contact information will be displayed immediately and various actions will be offered: add him to your contacts or write by mail, communicate in a chat or make a video call.



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