Games are getting more expensive

Games are getting more expensive.

The forecasts of the head of PlayStation about the inevitable increase in-game prices came true faster than we might have expected. Production costs are rising, and store prices have remained unchanged over recent years. Everything indicates that the boost is already here. The new standard is now 8 GB of RAM, requirements are rising, which is why the games are becoming more expensive.

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The statement that game prices must rise has recently come from the head of PlayStation. He noticed that the production of ambitious works there, such as God of War or The Last of Us Part II, is continuously growing, but the income for the studio hardly changes. Game prices have fluctuated around the standard $ 60 for the past 14-15 years. Technology is moving forward; players’ expectations and developer’s efforts are increasing.


How to deal with such costs?

Although the prices of PC games are catching up with those on consoles, Steam, Epic Games, or even G2A services are accessible among “appreciators,” where you can often find heavily discounted titles and not so long since the debut. Anyway, games are cheaper today, due to the growing number of pre-order and premiere orders. There are also subscription services – Xbox Game Pass, PS Now, or EA Access. Despite such facilities, the new generation promises to be much more expensive.