GOG Galaxy joins the Epic Games Store

GOG Galaxy joins the Epic Games Store

The GOG GALAXY platform begins cooperation with another major player on the gaming market. This time it’s about Epic Games Store, which is Steam’s direct competitor. Epic Games Store stormed the market and began fighting with the largest platform of this type as GOG Galaxy joins the Epic Games Store.

GOG GALAXY 2.0 opens up to a new partner

You can use the GOG GALAXY platform to manage your game collections from other game stores. The list includes Steam, GOG, Origin, uPlay, and Microsoft Store, among others. Now, the “GOG family” is also joined by Epic Games Store, a platform that has gained a lot of fans thanks to the provision of interesting and often hit games for free (the loudest free game is of course GTA V).

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What will we gain from this cooperation

Thanks to the integration of GOG and Epic Games Store, we will be able to manage games purchased in EGS from the GOG GALAXY 2.0 application. The creators of GOG found an interesting alternative to their platform, decided to withdraw from competing with other online stores, and made it possible to use the libraries of these stores with their application. To use this, we must have competitor’s platforms installed, but we do not have to turn on each one separately, which gives tangible results, for example in saving RAM.