Home News Google buys North company that creates smart glasses

Google buys North company that creates smart glasses

Google buys North company that creates smart glasses

Google buys North company that creates smart glasses 

Google has announced in a statement on its blog the acquisition of North, a company with which Google says to continue betting on helping people. North, the creator of Focals smart glasses, has until now worked on creating intelligent lenses and their software. North has also announced its acquisition by Google in a long story where they say there will be no Focals 2.0. Google buys the north company a couple of days ago, and many of you won’t even know about the north company.

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There is still a long way to go to achieve experiences like the one we can see in the series ” My Holo Love ” where smart glasses are used to communicate with a holographic personal assistant, however, little by little it seems that Google and other manufacturers contemplated the possibilities of smart glasses like another wearable. In the case of North, founded in 2012 under the name of Thalmic Labs, they began their work with a vision of the future where technology became an invisible and useful part of the user’s daily life.


What products has North created?

In the first place, we find Miyo, a kind of bracelet that serves as an input device, directly reading neuromuscular impulses to transform them into digital signals that a computer can interpret and use.

North changed his focus, giving birth to Focals, smart glasses with direct retinal projection. Something similar to Google Glass but using other technology with the same objective, to offer us useful functions on a wearable device that, instead of a screen, projects content on our glasses.

The advantage of the Focals concerning the Google gadget is that, by using other technology, North achieves more discreet glasses by not having the unique prism of Google Glass, making its use more unnoticed. The Focals were for sale for $ 999 initially to finally be sold for $ 599. The arrival of a new model was expected that, with the acquisition of Google, it seems that it will never exist.

North + Google.

North sees interacting with Google as a way to advance the company’s vision and plans significantly. The company appreciates all the chicken received, even if it also means announcing that end-users will not receive Focals 2.0. We will have to wait now to see the next move by Google, either to market glasses with Focals technology at a lower price than current Google Glass or, conversely, to save the project in a drawer.

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