Google Chrome got faster for Android Users

Google Chrome got faster for Android Users

Google is always trying to make Chrome a faster browser for your Android device. After trying several solutions, the company found a way and now Google Chrome got faster for Android Users. The application will “stop” in the background of the tabs that you are not using.

The company introduced an update for the beta version of Chrome, which reduces activity for tabs that “sit” too long in the background. This step not only increases the processing power and memory of the tabs you use but also promises to improve the overall runtime of your smartphone on a single charge and optimize memory usage. So far, this feature is only available for Android devices and Chrome Books.

This update is part of a major Google effort to update Chrome. Android users also have the option to share links via QR codes and the option to switch to open tabs by searching for them in the address bar.

Chrome Update

In turn, the PC browser received a notable update, which increased tab loading speed by up to 10%. The developers have also added the ability to minimize entire groups of tabs.

The activity reduction feature of the Background tab should reach the stable version of Chrome within a few weeks. But you can try it right now, it can be very important for people who keep a million tabs open all the time like me. Obviously you will have to download the beta version to do so, and you will have to bear the expected benefits in your work.


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