Google Chromecast Specifications

Detailed Google Chromecast Specifications are revealed earlier than expected

An event dedicated to Google hardware is scheduled for this Wednesday. During the event, the company should announce new Pixel phones, a new Nest Home speaker, and a new Google Chromecast. However, the latter device accidentally went on sale in the United States, so its detailed specifications are no longer a mystery.

Google Chromecast Price

The device will cost $49. The remote, which we saw on the render and leaks, is powered by two AAA batteries.

The receipt on the device reads “Sabrina-Abbey”. Probably, Abbey is the code name of the new remote control.

The new Chromecast runs a new version of Android TV, called simply “Google TV”. Support for Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision, DTSX, HDR10 +, as well as support for h.265 streams and 4K resolution.

Another buyer also knows the Google Chromecast Specifications:

  • 2 GB of RAM
  • 4154 MB of storage
  • 4-core ARM Cortext-A55 @ 1908Mhz
  • 64-bit ARMx8-A (32-bit mode)


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