Google introduced children's mode Kids Space in Tablets

Google introduced children’s mode Kids Space in Tablets

Google has introduced a new children’s mode Kids Space for tablets based on the Android operating system. The company wants to help children “become researchers of what they love.”

First, the child will be asked to choose areas of interest, and then the system will offer relevant materials, which are divided into tabs “Play”, “Read”, “Watch” and “Make”. Google even works with publishers to access as many books as possible. You can customize the mode by creating an avatar character.

Parents will be able to sort content by age of the child, as well as download additional content from Google Play. With Family Link, you can set time limits for your device. It is worth noting that the Google Assistant voice assistant does not work in this mode.

The first tablet to receive this mode is the new Lenovo Tab M10 HD Gen 2. It has a 10.1-inch HD screen with a wide viewing angle and two Dolby Atmos speakers. The tablet costs $ 129.99.