Google Pixel 4A Design Leaked

Google Pixel 4A Design Leaked – Here are Real Images

As we say when the features become clear, real images that are said to belong to the Google Pixel 4A phone have leaked. The fact that real images of Google Pixel 4A Design have leaked, and here is how it looks.

There has been a lot of leakage about how Google Pixel 4A smartphones will become the new member of Google ‘s Pixel 4 series. Some were said to log out of Google source as a high-end smartphone, and some sources said that a mid-segment level smartphone would log out.

How Will Google Pixel 4A Design Be?

Half the length of the phone is reflected in the visuals. Since it is not a full-size image, we do not know the design at the bottom.

Only the top half of the phone is visible. But even this gives us a lot of information. When we start from the screen section, we understand that the phone uses a camera embedded on the screen.

The smartphone with the embedded camera on the screen will be frameless in every part of the rest. There will probably be a frame at the bottom. But as we said on the screen, it is sure to come with the embedded camera.

This camera structure at the front will be protected with a different structure at the back. There will be a square camera section at the back. It is not wrong to say that the square camera area used in iPhone models and the latest Google Pixel models is also valid for Google Pixel 4A.

Google Pixel 4A Design Leaked

But there will be a single camera here, and frankly, the space for a single camera has been a bit big. The flashlight was moved here too, but it was not enough to cover the large camera area.

The only detail on the back is not the camera. We also have a physical fingerprint sensor. It turns out that on Pixel 4A smartphones, we will replace the fingerprint under the screen to the physical fingerprint sensor.

Just talking about the design will not be correct. In addition to the design, some technical features were also revealed. The most controversial processor decision was put to the end and it was said that the Snapdragon 730 processor would be used.

The smartphone to be used on the 5.81 inch AMOLED screen will have Full HD + resolution. However, Google Pixel 4A will use a single rear camera, but the 12.2 MP single rear camera will do wonders with Sony IMX363 sensors.

We can say that there are days to advertise the new model, which is also said to go on sale at a price of 300 – 350 dollars.


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