Graven Trailer and Gameplay

Graven Trailer and Gameplay

The FPS Graven, a really great-looking retro-FPS, in which modern technology will be used, was announced. However, the whole thing resembles classics like Hexen. Graven Reveals trailer and the first 30 minutes gameplay on the internet.

If you like retro games or longingly remember the times of the old Wolfensteins, Hexen’s, and all kinds of classic FPP games, we have great news for you. Graven promises to be a fantastic return to its roots.

Hexen and the dark rest

Hexen, Hexen II, Heretic, Rise of Triad, and other FPS productions that made their debut at that time (i.e. in the 90s of the last century) were unique games, often remembered by many to this day. After all, looking at the progress of the industry, you should not expect to release games “as they used to be”, although this should not come as a surprise. Classics lovers can still find many interesting proposals for themselves, and recently there is also a fashion for remasters, which finally adapts the old game to modern needs.


Graven Trailer 

For a long time, however, there was nothing, because it could be associated with Hexen, i.e. the legendary FPS that takes us to the dark fantasy world. The second part offered a strong emphasis on RPG elements, including inventory, character development, and classes. Fortunately for fans of this production, 3D Realms has just announced Graven.


Retro FPS with a modern twist

Graven is a recently announced production by 3D Realms during an online event. The game is, in fact, the spiritual heir of Hexen, which the creators describe as “action-adventure puzzler, with a few RPG elements here and there”. The plot itself is to tell about a priest of the order unjustly sentenced to death.

During the execution of the sentence, a mysterious force (almost like a dragon from Skyrim) appears, and then we wake up on a boat headed for a dark city in the middle of a swamp. This is where they will be able to hack, hit, splash, or burn their opponents. RPG elements are revealed, among others the fact that the city is to be opened and we will be able to perform quests commissioned by side characters.


Graven Game-Play 

The specifics of the mechanics were also revealed. We know that the player will have at his disposal extensive weaponry – from a crossbow or swords to even a spellbook. The latter, however, is to be more useful for solving puzzles and exploration than for the fight itself. The creators explain that it will be possible to magnetize the igneous rock with lightning, which will attract enemy projectiles, as long as they are metal.

Spells will also be useful for opening hidden paths or finding additional attractions. The developers explain that they are based on the game design from ’98 – ’99, but you can see that the engine uses modern lighting. The game is to maintain the spirit of the older productions, but the richness of the content and the openness of the game are to be truly modern.


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