GTA 6 Trailer looks like a new American action movie

GTA 6 Trailer looks like a new American action movie

Fans of Grand Theft Auto continue their mental perversions, trying to find hints of the imminent release of the sixth part in the most unexpected places. Another confirmation of this psychosis was the comments on the trailer for the film “The Main Character” presented the day before. Some “characters” saw similarities with GTA 5 in the 20th Century Studios project and especially stubborn ones – with GTA 6.

GTA 6 Game Trailer

The storyline of the film, whose English title sounds like Free Guy, revolves around the banker (Ryan Reynolds). The life of the protagonist goes on a knurled one, but at one point the man finds out that the whole world is a game, and he is a pitiful minor character without his own subjectivity. As a result, the guy decides to reformat his code, attract the attention of a charming girl, and save this mortal world.

There are enough shooters, explosions, murders, corpses, and robberies in the picture. The presence of all these passions caused some unique people to compare with GTA 5. Especially “spoiled by intelligence” individuals compared the trailer (quote) with “GTA 6 of their dreams”, write Gamebomb journalists who joined the reviews. The portal’s reporters did not bother to ask the opinion of psychiatrists regarding the obsessive desire of gamers to “see a gopher” where it is not.

Recall that numerous news about Rockstar’s inability to create a competitive version of GTA 6 is regularly published by Western media. The reasons for the studio’s impotence in this matter are internal discord, the expulsion of Leslie Benzies, and the departure of Sam Hauser. Moreover, Benzies, who picked up a team of professionals, started developing a project that should destroy GTA 5.