GTA V Online for Free

GTA V Will be Available Online for Free

Rockstar has announced that together with the premiere of its hit title on next-generation consoles, it will make Multiplayer GTA V available online for free. However, only PS5 console owners will receive this gift. The possibility of such a solution has been discussed in the past, but now the information has been officially confirmed.

GTA V is a real phenomenon in the gaming world. Although the game had its premiere at the time of PS3, it still brings huge profits. With 135 million copies sold, GTA V ranks third in the ranking of the best-selling games of all time. On this occasion, Rockstar Games has decided to prepare a special surprise for its fans who have not yet had the opportunity to play with this title (are there any?).

GTA V is a phenomenon

According to the latest information, Rockstar Games has sold 135 million copies of the game so far, which places this title in third place in the ranking of the best-selling games in the history of the industry. Rockstar’s production is second only to Minecraft, which has already sold over 170 million copies and a real gaming legend, i.e. … Tetris.

Experts estimate that this game has sold over 500 million copies so far. Nevertheless, the achievement of GTA V is very impressive, especially bearing in mind that the Epic Games Store recently released this game for absolutely free.

GTA V is blocking the next part?

The huge success of Grand Theft Auto V led to quite a problem. On the one hand, it is nice that a game has been created that has enjoyed unflagging interest for years, but on the other hand, the continued high level of sales of the “five” makes Rockstar Games reluctant to take up the topic of the production of the next part of the legendary series.

And it’s time, GTA V debuted on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles, they were present throughout the reign of PS4 and Xbox One consoles, and there is no indication that the arrival of the new generation of consoles will be accompanied by the premiere of GTA VI.

The creators of the game have already announced that GTA V will also be available on new generation consoles, but on this occasion, they have prepared a small gift for players who will buy PlayStation 5.