Hackers can Spy through Children Smartwatches

Hackers have learned to spy on users through Children’s Smartwatches

As it became known, hackers have learned to spy on users through children’s smartwatches. Fortunately, the problem has been identified by so-called white hackers people who search for vulnerabilities for peaceful purposes, to further eliminate them.

According to experts, the extremely popular X4 watch model, designed exclusively for use by children, has a certain safety problem. With it, hackers can listen to the voice calls of the clock, as well as determine their location in real-time and take pictures of what is happening around, that is, in fact, spy on small users.

To activate the backdoor, attackers only need to send a specially encrypted text message to the watch. It is worth noting that the manufacturer of watches Xplora has already made a statement in which he tried to refute the results of a study by experts.