Harmony OS will replace Android from 2021

Harmony OS will replace Android from 2021

The president of Huawei has just announced that the first smartphone under Harmony OS will be launched in 2021. The HarmonyOS replaces Android and should equip a large number of Huawei devices in 2021.

Huawei has been subject to US trade sanctions again and again since May 2019. In fact, and until further notice, Huawei can no longer work with US companies. Google no longer has the right to sell an Android license to the Chinese manufacturer. More recently, US officials have toughened their tone, further aggravating Huawei’s situation.

From now on, Huawei can no longer collaborate with founders who use American technologies. This is particularly the case of TSMC, a Taiwanese founder and long-time partner of the Shenzhen firm. Without component suppliers, Huawei’s future in the smartphone market seems extremely compromised.

Despite this dark period, Huawei is staying the course. This Thursday, September 10, 2020, the manufacturer will hold its new Huawei Developer Conference (HDC) dedicated this year to three key themes: its in-house EMUI 11 overlay, HMS Core 5.0, and Harmony OS 2.0, the manufacturer’s operating system.

As a reminder, Huawei has chosen to develop its own OS to compensate for the absence of Android. After the first version of HarmonyOS presented in the summer of 2019, the company is therefore preparing to reveal the second version of the OS during HDC 2020. According to the MyFixGuide blog, Huawei will unveil the first smartphone under the conference. Harmony OS, scheduled for release in 2021.


The first smartphone under HarmonyOS from 2021

According to information from the blog, this device has been ready for a long time, but contracts still in progress between Google and Huawei did not allow its launch to be formalized. However, these agreements end in 2021: “ The smartphone under Harmony OS was ready for a long time, but because of an agreement with Google, we had to wait […] From next year, HarmonyOs can be used in smartphones, smart TV, smartwatch, PC, cars and other products ”.

Without being able to take advantage of Google applications and services such as the Google Play Store, YouTube, Gmail, Google Drive, or even Google Maps, smartphones running Harmony OS will embed the App Gallery, Huawei’s application store. Looking pale at its launch, the company has invested heavily to attract developers and fill the catalog of the App Gallery.

At the time of writing, the App Gallery has 480 million users worldwide, including 33 million in Europe. Within 5 years, Huawei wants to transform its application store into a real alternative to the Google Play Store. To achieve this, the manufacturer will invest $ 100 billion in research and development.


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