Harry Potter game will debut in 2021

Harry Potter game will debut in 2021

Harry Potter returns to computers in a new setting and will debut in 2021. Information that probably the whole world of players was waiting for. Who among us would not like to return to the Harry Potter universe? According to journalist Jason Schreier from Bloomberg, we will see a new game with a famous wizard in 2021 on consoles.

A lot of private information has appeared so far about the new game in the Harry universe. The title created by Avalanche Software would debut on the next generation of consoles in 2021.


Harry Potter returns to games.

It will be an RPG game. There are a lot of puzzles, gossip and private information around the title. This is because millions of people are waiting for the game. Harry Potter is one of the most popular fantasy universes around the world. No wonder people are waiting for the next meeting with a famous wizard. Old titles from years ago with Harry in the lead role are classics of the computer game genre.

Platformers telling about the adventures of Hogwarts students were able to get caught up in the full hours. You can hope that Avalanche Software will rise to the challenge and provide us with a brilliant title. Jason Schreier of Bloomberg assures that this will happen as early as 2021. The journalist informed the public that the 2018 gameplay is real and presents the actual gameplay. You can watch it below.

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The game is to be a very faithful reproduction of Hogwarts. We will also find locations from the surroundings of the magic school. It has to be fabulous, fairy-tale and film. The report that Bloomberg reached does not mention anything about a possible premiere on the PC. However, we can expect this version.

As reported by informers, part of the studio working on the game expresses great dissatisfaction with JK Rowling’s controversial statements and tweets. They are considered to discriminate transgender persons. As we can learn from leaks, the author does not have much influence on the emerging game. However, some developers “feel uncomfortable” because of the situation. Employees expect the management board of Avalanche Software to respond to the job.

The game was to be revealed during E3 2020, but the situation in the world meant that this did not happen. As Bloomberg reports, the latest plan assumes conducting the presentation only after the announcement of a new game with Batman. This is to occur in August this year.