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Here is How Apple VR Headset May Look Visually

Journalists at 9to5Mac compiled the speculations of industry insiders regarding the design of the Apple VR/AR headset and created comprehensive renderings of the device.

The concept was founded on images published by The Information website two years ago. Despite the lack of information regarding the design of the future device, it will likely be presented in this form factor.

Apple VR Headset

Apple’s Virtual reality headwear is often compared to ski goggles by industry insiders. An aluminum frame surrounds the front glass panel, and the rounded transition is reminiscent of the Apple Watch.

There is also a notion that the upper visage has two physical buttons on the sides. The first toggles between virtual and augmented modes, while the second allows you to configure software settings.

Additionally, sensors and cameras are concealed by the frame. The bracelet is designed to resemble an Apple Watch, a single piece with a right-side closure.

Journalists anticipate that the headgear will not include an integrated battery. The left side of the harness will be connected to an external power source via a magnetic charging cable.

Based on Ross Youngadv’s post 4K Micro OLED Display 1.4-inch Micro OLED Display with over 5,000 nits of luminance, we can conclude that the display is a 4K. However, the polarization of the lenses will significantly reduce the perceived luminosity.

The actual nature of the device will be revealed at the WWDC 2023 exhibition, which will take place on June 5, 2023.

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