Top 8 Highest Paid XFL Players

Top 8 Highest Paid XFL Players

The XFL is a minor American football league founded in 2018 and gaining prominence; XFL players also obtain larger salaries. Here are the complete details on the XFL’s highest-paid players, who enjoy absurd contracts with their franchises and earn enormous base salaries.

Highest Paid XFL Players

Vince McMahon established the XFL in 2020 as a successor to the National Football League. The XFL will feature American football competitions. In no time, the league has received much fame across the globe, and TV coverage deals and sponsorships put massive amounts of money into this game.

1) Brett Hundley – $200k

Brett Hundley’s career net worth of $4 million will undoubtedly increase now that he has signed yet another absurd contract. He will now play quarterback for the Vegas Vipers and receive the highest base salary of any player to date, $200,000. Hundley has also experienced playing in the National Football League and attained a significant fan following.

2) Jordan Tammu – $163,200

After securing the contract with the DC Defenders, Jordan Tammu is the second highest-paid athlete in the XFL. The quarterback will now receive the base salary guarantee of $163,200 for a single season of service. Additionally, there are additional incentives for exceptional performance on the field.

3) Kyle Sloter – $151,765

Kyle Sloter has signed one of the most expensive contracts in the history of the XFL and will be playing for the Arlington Renegades. He is extraordinarily accomplished and has had an impressive career thus far. In addition to all incentives and endorsements, he will be guaranteed $151,765 per season as part of his contract with the XFL franchise.

4) AJ McCarron – $137,500

AJ McCarron is presently one of the finest quarterbacks in American football. He is under contract with the BattleHawks of the XFL and receives a base salary of $137,500 per season. McCarron is also one of the highest-paid professionals in the history of this competition from endorsements.

5) Paxton Lynch – $125,000

Paxton Lynch, who was recently inked by the Orlando Guardians and played quarterback in the XFL, is next on our list. He has also played two seasons of the National Football League with the Denver Broncos. Paxton’s contract with an XFL franchise pays him a basic salary of $125,000 annually.

6) Ben DeNucci – $95,000

Ben DeNucci, one of the finest strikers in the XFL, has been contracted by the Seattle Sea Dragons due to their acquisition of American football quarterback Ben DeNucci. Therefore, he is offered a ridiculous contract and will receive a $95,000 base salary for the season.

7) Jack Coan – $80,000

Jack Coan will play quarterback for the San Antonio Brahamas in the impending season. Coan’s current net worth of $3.9 million results from contract agreements with multiple organizations throughout his career. Per his contract with the Bahamas, he will earn an annual base salary of $80,000.

8) Brendon Silvers – $60,000

Next on our list is XFL player Brendon Silver of the Houston Roughnecks. During the past two to three years, Brandon’s performance in his field has been exceptional, and he has earned a respectable reputation and increased in value. Currently, he earns a base salary of $60,000 in addition to endorsements and other incentives.

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