Honor 9A Smartphone Price in Euros

Honor 9A Smartphone Price in Euros

The Honor 9A combines the basic functions of any self-respecting smartphone with a long-lasting battery for the price of just € 150. If you are looking for a cheap smartphone and want to enjoy the battery life all day long, then do not hesitate to read our review.

We’ll take the time to tell you more about this smartphone and how easy it is to get your favorite apps on this device despite the trade embargo that Huawei has enacted with the United States. Honor is a sub-brand of Huawei, which is why it is also affected by this embargo.

Indeed, fully functional smartphones have been equipped with Google’s mobile operating system for a long time and for much less. The Honor 9A smartphone, which includes a tri-camera setup, a bezel-less display, and a 5,000mAh battery, Price just $ 150.

The Honor 9A offers an excellent compromise between the front and the rear. The Honor 9A is powered by a Mediatek MT6762R Helio P22 processor which works perfectly well with 3 Dildo memory. Not only can the preinstalled Android 10 OS run smoothly, but mobile games also run well, albeit with lower graphics settings. Apps, data, and photos are stored on 64 GB of internal memory, which can be expanded via a micro SD card if required.

What makes the Honor 9A a different product

Many smartphones under 200 euros offer these features. However, the triple camera integrated on the rear and the large 5000mAh battery is rare. The latter allows you to use the Honor 9A for two days without having to recharge it.

Besides, the battery provides great battery life for mobile games and streaming video to devices like Netflix, etc. For watching movies, Honor has integrated a large 6.3-inch screen built into the 9A.

The FullView screen operates with a resolution of 720 x 1600 pixels and can display content in HD quality. It is borderless and only has a discreet teardrop-shaped notch in the center of the screen, in which the front camera is integrated.


Honor 9A front camera

On the back of the Honor 9A, the inclusion of better quality equipment continues. There you will find a modern triple camera. There will be a 13-megapixel main camera, a 5-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera, and a 2-megapixel depth sensor. In practice, the additional cameras allow you to zoom out quickly and the bokeh effect will be done well although it won’t be the best of the 8, at this costs point it will suffice.

As this smartphone reworks the raw data of your photos using artificial intelligence and algorithms, the results are even more commendable. The Honor is based on an 8-megapixel front-facing camera. Selfies offer other processing options such as retouching the edges around the eyes or compensating for red-eye.


Other advantages when purchasing in the Honor store

If you decide to pick up the Honor 9A from the Honor store, you can expect to receive additional freebies. On the one hand, the manufacturer offers a free Bluetooth speaker for every smartphone purchase.

On the other hand, new customers can also use online services such as Huawei Cloud, Huawei Music, and Huawei Video for free for one year. For fans of cell phone gaming, Honor has something special up its sleeve as well.

For mobile games like Lords Mobile, Rise of Kingdoms, and AFK Arena, you can expect plenty of bonuses, which include free in-game currencies or special items like boosts or gems. The following article will explain how to get these free bonuses after purchasing Honor 9A.


How to get your essential apps on the Honor 9A

Huawei and Honor are no longer allowed to deploy their smartphones with Google Play services due to an embargo imposed by the United States. This means, among other things, that the Google Play store, which is commonly used by Android devices, cannot serve as an application source in this situation.

In order to offer its customers an individual but attractive alternative, Huawei quickly developed its own App Store, known as the Huawei AppGallery. The AppGallery contains countless apps that are very similar to Apple’s AppStore or Google Play Store in its operation.


Honor 9A Sensor

The fingerprint sensor of the Honor 9A is located on the back. If you’re upgrading to the Honor 9A while still wanting to stay in the Android ecosystem, you’ll need to use the “PhoneClone” feature when setting it up. Applications from your old smartphone will be transferred to the new one in the blink of an eye.

PhoneClone not only transfers apps but also data, contacts, and settings. If you are missing an app, you can use the nifty Petal Search to locate it on the internet and in the app gallery at the same time.

The search engine is pre-installed on the Honor 9A and has its own tab for applications. It is particularly nifty because you can not only enter the names of the apps but also keywords like your city name in the search.

Can’t find what you’re looking for, neither in the AppGallery nor in Petal Search? So Huawei has made installing third-party apps safer and easier as well. You install APK files, which are comparable to EXE files on Android and Windows.

Huawei browser performs a security check on these packages to make sure they are not malicious files and guides you step by step through the installation process. If you have any issues, you can contact the active Huawei community for help. Access is also possible via the clearly organized AppGallery.

All in all, the Honor 9A is a solid entry-level device that offers a lot of benefits and one that you won’t be disappointed with.