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How Does Unemployment Insurance Work in the USA?

Unemployment insurance in the USA are programs that the Government has to support any person who becomes unemployed through no fault of their own or any responsibility. In these plans, protection is only temporary, considering that the person must find a new job in the short term.


What Does Unemployment Insurance Cover in the USA?

Unemployment insurance in the USA aims to protect families in which the person who contributes the income is left without a job. It is administered by the Government. What they cover is a part of the income that the worker had when he worked, which can vary between 25 and almost 50% of it depending on the state and his income level.

Not all people can have access to this right since it is limited mainly to low-income people. The amount to be received also depends on whether you have children of school age or younger, which could increase the monthly amount to be received.

Insurance can also represent support for health insurance. THE amounts can be increased if you enter a job training course.


What are the Requirements To Obtain Unemployment Insurance?

The essential requirements for unemployment insurance are:

  • That the dismissal is not due to a justified cause attributable to the unemployed person.
  • That it was not a voluntary resignation.

Once you have obtained unemployment insurance, you must verify that you are looking for a new one, which is useful if you request an extension.

The requirements may vary by state and it is only available when activated by the state itself due to your unemployment situation.


Unemployment Insurance Benefits in the USA

The initial benefits are 12 and up to 26 weeks of a percentage of the salary that was had. This varies according to each state.

Afterward, it is possible to obtain an extension, especially if there is a difficult and known situation of unemployment in the United States. The extension can also vary and could double the number of weeks in which the benefit is received. The extension can be up to 13 weeks.

There is also another support called Emergency Unemployment Compensation, in which you can get between 4 and 20 weeks and various percentages of income according to the state.


What Procedures Must Be Done to Apply For Unemployment Insurance?

The following steps are recommended to apply for unemployment insurance in the USA:

  • Check the government requirements for insurance. This can be done directly on the Government page. Business hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m.:00 to 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time.
  • Provide all the required information.
  • Wait for the response to the request by mail.


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