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How is the Brave browser more interesting than Google Chrome

Is Brave browser more interesting and better than Google Chrome? 

Brave is a modern browser designed by the same team that created the BAT (Basic Attention Token). Its CEO, Brendan Eich, is the co-founder of Mozilla Firefox and the creator of JavaScript. There is no doubt that he has a good vision of current and future internet technologies. Many of often ask a simple question which is the best web browser? Or is Brave browser better than Google Chrome?

Why Brave browser is more interesting than Google Chrome

Brave was designed to address the major problems posed by the internet advertising model which only benefits intermediaries. Indeed, Google and Facebook currently take 73% of all ad revenue.

Creators receive only a small portion of advertising revenue and ad distributors suffer from scams of all kinds (false clicks generated by robots, for example) and ad blockers (AdBlock). The Brave browser helps counter the abusive policies of Google and Facebook because it greatly weakens the trackers and saves you data.

Brave is different from other browsers because it wants to change the way you browse the net. The project is open-source, the code is available on GitHub. The team wants to create a new attention-based ecosystem, where users are paid for their active participation in advertising campaigns. They want to fundamentally change the landscape of digital marketing and advertising.

Reasons Why Brave Browser is better than Google Chrome


1. Fight against abusive advertising and tracking

Ads and trackers consume up to 50% of internet users’ mobile data each month, reduce battery life by around 21%, and violate user privacy policies.

2. Faster internet

Blocking ads and trackers makes surfing faster. Brave allows sites to load 2 to 5 times faster than Chrome on tablets and smartphones and twice as fast on PCs. This has the advantage of saving you time and allows you to preserve your privacy.

3. Fully secure surfing

You were seriously thinking of browsing incognito by going private browsing to watching erotic series? Disillusion yourself! Even in private browsing, the sites you visit continue to collect a certain amount of information that will always allow them to track you: your IP address, for example.

The private mode of other browsers only allows you to hide your history from other users of your browser. Once again, Brave has integrated the Tor protocol into its private mode, which can be activated with a single click, your browsing will thus be hidden from your Internet service provider or your employer, and your IP address will remain invisible to the sites that you visit without slowing down your navigation too much.

Another positive point: Brave also natively integrates the HTTPS everywhere extension which will allow you to browse the net in complete safety.

4. A better distribution of advertising revenue

With Brave, the user is rewarded with BATs for watching advertisements. However, if you don’t want to be bothered unlike other browsers that flood and pester the limit with ads, you just have to turn off ads at any time to surf with ease and be spared the visual pollution. When you watch an ad that Brave has chosen for you, you are paid 70% of what the advertiser pays.

5. Participate in the adoption of cryptocurrencies

Currently, it is not yet possible to pay your gas bill directly in Bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies have a real interest for their users, but adoption in everyday services is slow. By using Brave, you will be able to teach others how the BAT token works and promote it.

6. Brave fight against click fraud

It is an activity that amounts to making clicks on advertisements of its competitors in order to quickly waste their advertising budgets and suddenly make it pay fines without knowing it. Google AdSense is affected by this fraudulent practice. But with the Brave system, you can protect yourself against it.

Changing browsers is not easy and there are many reasons why we resist change. One of the reasons is that we are used to our old browser, that is all our friends use it, the fear of losing our favorites and especially the downloaded pages.

Brave has taken all that into account and you will see for example that brave has an environment that almost looks like chrome without the abusive ads and obviously tracking. On top of that, with brave, you can still open your downloaded files on other browsers.

The brave web browser is gaining traction as it truly empowers the user and more and more people are embracing it. However, Brave remains in the minority in the world of web browsers, with less than 20 million users worldwide. But its particularity of betting on respect for the privacy of users and its remuneration with cryptocurrencies allows it to be talked about.

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