How to Choose the Right Pants for Women

How to Choose the Right Pants for Women

How to Choose the Right Pants for Women

Choosing your pants when you are a woman can be a real headache. It is very easy to get lost in the face of the multitude of models, styles, and colors. To achieve this, certain criteria are essential and we will discuss them in this article on how to choose the rights pants for women.

Pants are a garment that gives elegance to women. For this, you have to know how to choose your pants. However, between style, size, cut, and color… it is not easy to find one another. You have to be patient to find the right pants among so many models available on the market. Here are some tips for finding the right pants.


Consider the Occasion on Which These Pants will be worn

The first thing to consider when choosing pants is the occasion on which you want to wear them.

At Work

You have the possibility to wear several types of pants. However, the star remains the tailored trousers that adapt to official occasions. You can also opt for skinny jeans in white or black. Avoid ripped or overly scruffy styles. You can wear a well-structured tunic or a standard button-up blouse over these pants.

To get to work, women ‘s faux leather or leather pants are also a good choice. If you choose this option, prefer a non-shiny model that is not too close to the body. Also, favor a classic piece with pockets and zips. By combining it with a blazer, a trench coat, or a chic blouse, you will be perfect. Well-fitting palazzo pants paired with a well-tailored shirt and stiletto heels will also make you look good in the office.

For Social Life

The timeless chino will suit you for everyday life. You will find some that are made in cotton gabardines. The colors are also varied. If you want to be on top of the trend, the paper-bag pants will satisfy you. It emphasizes the waist with a belt. You can wear a t-shirt and a short-sized suede leather jacket over your paper bag and wear it during the day. Flare jeans are also very trendy for a casual look.

In the Evening

Tailored pants are the perfect type of pants to wear to a special event. For example, by opting for black dress pants, you can create a chic and glamorous style. For that, you just need to associate it with a lace or silk top and high heels. Do not hesitate to choose noble materials.

Special Event

The classic style baggy pants with wide legs are what you need to go to a special event. You can bring elegance to her by wearing a lace top and a women’s blazer over your pants. If you don’t want a blazer, you can replace it with a fitted jacket. The dressy suit is also a perfect outfit for these occasions. Choose neutral colors for their elegance.


Choose the Right Woman Pants Style

Style is also one of the criteria to take into account when choosing women’s pants. Many styles are available. Height and weight can be used as guidelines for making the right choice. If you are a slim and tall woman, you can opt for any style: slim, cigarette, bootcut, flare, etc.

On the other hand, if you are a curvy woman, you should favor the high-waisted straight cut. These pants will enhance your curves. However, you should avoid bootcut pants and flare pants from your choices. These will have the effect of unbalancing your silhouette.

High-waisted or low-waisted slim pants are also the ideal option for a petite and thin woman. It allows you to lengthen your legs and your silhouette. If you are a petite woman, boot cuts and straight cuts will also fit you like a glove.


Take into account your morphology to choosing the cut of pants

The morphology is the basis for choosing a garment. This criterion must be taken into account when choosing your pants. Each female morphology corresponds to a trouser cut.

The Straight Cut

Still called regular cut, the straight cut is suitable for O body types. This type of pants has the advantage of structuring its silhouette. This cut is also suitable for the 8 morphology. It allows you to sublimate the shapes like all the other cuts that go with this morphology. The straight pants are also suitable for people with morphology A. It allows them to rebalance their line.

The Skinny

This style of pants tends to elongate the legs. It is perfect for an H morphology. The slim pants also adapt very well to women with an 8 morphology. It is also the same for the X morphology. This cut also suits them very well. People with a V body shape can also wear this cut beautifully by pairing it with heels.

The Wide Pants

The wide pants are a cut adapted to the V morphology. They make it possible to weigh down the silhouette and rebalance the line. Women with X-shaped morphologies will also be sublime with this type of pants. The wide is also good for people who have a slim H or 8 body shape. Avoid this style, however, if you are a bit wide H. In this case, your pants may weigh you down even more. If you are round, also avoid wide pants.

The Vase

The flared pants are adapted to the V-shaped morphology. It allows a rebalancing of the silhouette. The morphologies in X and in 8 can wear it marvelously well. Women with an A-body shape can also adopt this style. It is recommended to wear flared pants with high heels. You can choose wedge heels, heeled sandals, ankle boots, or pumps.


Match the Color of the Pants with the Rest of Your Outfit

The color of the pants also plays an important role in the look. There are many shades to choose from, and you need to know how to make the right color combinations. The very first rule is to put it together with no more than three colors.

A well-made look most often does not contain more than three different colors (apart from the shoes). However, these colors can be very distant from each other at the chromatic level. You can also opt for a two-color outfit to be a soberer.

As for the color combination, you have the option of opting for a monochrome. This means that your outfit will only feature one color. You can therefore wear black pants with a black top, white pants with a white top, a green top with green pants… It is also possible to use the chromatic circle to make an association of different colors. To combine colors, you need to create a contrast.

In this circle, colors that can be put together to create contrast are opposite each other. This makes it possible to deduce for example that you can wear purple-blue pants and a yellow top. By using the chromatic circle, you can make multiple associations.

Finally, if you are a woman with curves, we recommend that you wear dark colors in the parts you want to hide. Light colors can help you draw attention to other body parts you want to show off. If you have curves in the hips, for example, you can wear black pants and a light shirt or a brighter sweater. This method makes it possible to rebalance your silhouette.

In conclusion, to choose pants for women, you must consider the occasion on which you want to wear them. You will also have to take into account your morphology and the cut of the piece before making any decision. In addition, once your pants have been unearthed, you have to make a good color combination with the rest of the outfit to be able to highlight them.




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