How to Download Watch Dogs 2 for Free

Watch Dogs 2 Made Free to Download – How To Get The Game?

A statement was made by Ubisoft about a week ago in which the company said that Watch Dogs 2 would be free to download a gift during the event. The expected date for the production, which will be free for a short time, has come. So how do we get the game for free, and most importantly, can we still get it?

Ubisoft started the Forward event in the evening today. In the event where new games were announced, Watch Dogs 2 was the most talked about part of the event, let alone the introduced games.

How to Download Watch Dogs 2 for Free From Ubisoft

The event continues, but only a short time left. In the first statements, it was said that the event should be watched to get the game for free. At this point, users who want to access the game will have to follow the event and participate in the live broadcast.

  • You need to login to your Uplay account before going live.
  • It is added to your game library after watching the live broadcast for at least 2-3 minutes.
  • If you can log in to your account, watch the live broadcast and get the Watch Dogs 2 game, you’re done. When the game is yours, it’s all yours. You do not have to pay extra, nor do you need an additional membership for the game.

Watch Dogs 2 Made Free to Download - How To Get The Game?

It is possible to get the Watch Dogs 2 game for free with such a simple system, but there is also a point. The interest was so intense, and it was said that users could not log into their Uplay accounts because the servers were overloaded.

Over 500 thousand users are watching the live broadcast, and the servers have not removed so many entries. You may not get the game because you cannot log in to the system. Ubisoft said that they are aware of this situation and are working to solve this problem.

During the live broadcast, information was provided on this subject. If an explanation is provided by Ubisoft or how the time is extended about how to fix the problem, we will add it. Live broadcasting may have already ended.


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