How To Find The Best POPM Training

How To Find The Best POPM Training

SAFe POPM certification is what you need to take off your career in the field of product management. As today’s market is becoming more customer-focused, the concentration of businesses is to produce such goods that satisfy the customers.

How To Find The Best POPM Training

In this whole procedure product manager and project manager play an important role by guiding the team and organization throughout the project. So let’s have a look at the course details and how you can benefit from this course.

What You Will Learn

In the course, you will learn about the job roles of product owners and product managers using the SAFe framework, which is one of the most used enterprise frameworks by companies.

You will learn the skills important for efficiently performing the role of product owner and manager in the company and the know-how to deliver the highest value through program increments.

If you are aspiring to become program or project managers, business analysts, scrum masters, agile coaches, release train engineers, development managers, directors, product managers, product owners, and software developers, then this course is for you.

Apart from that, individuals willing to make a career as consultants, delivery managers, SAFe program consultants, and architects then also you can opt for this course.

In the course, you will learn how to apply SAFe in the lean enterprise as a product manager and SAFe Product Owner. With that, you will learn how to connect SAFe lean-agile principles and values to the roles that you have to play as a product manager.

You will also be able to collaborate successfully with agile teams to work out estimating and forecasting work throughout the company. This course will help you in driving the continuous value with program increment across the company.

During the course, you will be prepared for the job roles and responsibilities of the product manager and product owner with the special context of SAFe and how to face the challenges in the company.

It will also prepare you to cope with the working environment and make you understand business agility, design thinking, and customer-centricity. You will also acquire the skills to write features, epic, and user stories using the SAFe.

After completing this course, you can collaborate with lean portfolio management across your company. This training will help you holistically develop your skills.

How You Will Learn

The learning model is one of the brilliant models that let you brainstorm so that you can think creatively. For that, here two major parts of the learning model are theory classes and practical classes.

Where in the practical classes, you will get real-world problems to develop your skills and knowledge through self–experiments, and in theory classes, you will prepare your basics to take your knowledge to the advanced level.

So here, from basics to advanced, you will learn everything about product management. An important part of the training is also composed of extra activities that will help you learn interestingly.

They include group-based tasks, agile activities, practical case studies, and workshops. To make the sessions more interactive, question-and-answer sessions and group discussion sessions are organized.

You will be mentored by experts who will share their years of experience and skills to make you perfect. They will also share their expert tips and techniques that will give extra knowledge.

In reading materials, you will have e-books, articles, tutorials, webinars, and other sources to expand the base of your knowledge.


There are not any prerequisites for this course, but work experience in the SAFe environment, and basic level knowledge of product management, agile, lean, and other related topics are advisable.

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