How to Grow Eyelashes Naturally

How to Grow Eyelashes Naturally | Natural Remedies To Grow Eyelashes

9 Tips to Grow Eyelashes Naturally

The look remains an asset of beauty and seduction. But without eyelashes, it does not have the same effects as with these hairs which intensify the look. The craze for false eyelashes proves their importance to any woman. Are artificial methods not your forte or are you hesitant about side effects? So no more worries, discover some natural methods to grow eyelashes naturally.


1. Makeup removal

First and foremost, let’s note that eyelashes grow faster when they’re healthy or when they don’t choke under layers of mascara. The makeup removal step is therefore imperative before bedtime. However, you must gently remove makeup debris in order to give lashes good comfort overnight.


2. Green tea

Usually, prepare your green tea while infusing the leaves in hot water. Then, wait for the solution obtained to cool down before applying it with a cotton ball on the eyelashes without forgetting the eyelids. This process facilitates the growth of eyelashes, gives them length, and thickness, and finally makes them stronger.


3. Vegetable oils

Hydration is the key to faster eyelash growth. However, vegetable oils play a big role in the growth of Eyelashes. Let’s discuss the specific oil categories for this job.


4. Olive oil

Used in the virgin and organic aspect, olive oil is a magic potion to boost eyelash growth due to its composition. It is rich in fatty acid and vitamin E which hydrate the lashes as much as possible and strengthen them. In addition, it facilitates the cleaning of impurities. Regarding its use, you just need to lightly massage the eyelids every evening. It is also important to deposit a little at the birth of the eyelashes during the night. To apply olive oil, we recommend an eyeliner brush or an old, well-cleaned mascara brush.


5. Castor oil

As with hair, castor oil helps to boost the growth or growth of eyelashes. It also ensures their strengthening and thus prevents breakage. In the same way as for olive oil, apply a little oil with a brush or with your fingertips. Preferably, it is applied before bedtime.


6. Consume proteins and vitamins

Good nutrition is also essential for the growth of eyelashes and maintaining them in good health. Biotin or vitamin B8 activates eyelash growth and fortification. These are found in foods such as sardines, almonds, or walnuts as well as egg yolk. Vitamins E and C are not to be neglected; they are found in avocados, citrus fruits, and green vegetables. We also recommend fish and soy protein.


7. Brush your eyelashes

By brushing the hair, we make it grow, they say! The same theory applies to growing eyelashes naturally. Use your old mascara brushes for lash maintenance or buy new ones to brush your lashes. By brushing your eyelashes regularly, you eliminate dead skin cells.


8. Beer yeast

Brewer’s yeast is a natural supplement that can be consumed in the form of capsules or flakes. Due to its composition, it is an essential source for the proper functioning of the body. Nevertheless, it is also a great ally for eyelash growth, as it prevents hair loss and promotes rapid growth. Thus, for an effective result, you can combine brewer’s yeast with the application of castor oil on your eyelashes.


9. Homemade juices

Do you own a blender? It is, therefore, preferable to concoct fruit juices and homemade smoothies. What you don’t know is that certain fruits have the ability to grow eyelashes naturally. Compose your eyelash care juice by mixing three carrots and two oranges in a blender until you obtain fruit juice. Drink this portion each morning before all daily activities. Eyelashes won’t grow overnight. So try to apply and follow the instructions for the best results.


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